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Consultation and Marketing Services | Introduction

We’re here for you. Since launching our family owned and operated creative agency in 2012, we’ve learned what works. Unlike other companies, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we certainly don’t claim to be something we’re not. Our handpicked team of unique millennials has been developed to build the highest level of core confidence for your brand. We’re all a little nerdy, creative, and insanely motivated to make your life easier, and make your business better. We provide a broad scope of services for many people, but at the core of everything, we simply love making our clients happy.

We’re insanely passionate about working with deserving people and businesses to help find success and lessen some of the burdens of owning and operating your business. We are so proud to share that after many years of working with businesses of all sizes, across a diverse mixture of industries all over the globe, we have developed a solution for our clients that offers the ultimate in convenience and flexibility.

In the early days of our business, a client once told us “you can do anything, just not everything”.


Over the years, we realized that was applicable to nearly every person we worked with. As a business owner, you know your time is the most valuable resource, but more often than not, you find yourself wearing too many hats. Making all the decisions on your own can lead to immense feelings of overwhelm, fatigue, and a lack of confidence in your direction.

You can bounce ideas off friends, family, and co-workers, but at the end of the day, expert guidance and practical advice is what you need to make effective progress toward your goals. This is a feeling we understand all too well, which is why we’ve developed our camp-based support system. By hiring Barkis & Co as the creative and strategic arm of your business, you immediately have a team that is with you every step of the way. Base Camp and Summit were designed to provide the highest quality products and services to our two primary clientele groups – those who need affordable solutions, and those who need a quick turnaround time.

When working with us, we encourage you to bring your hopes, dreams, frustrations, and problems so we can help you find creative solutions. Think of us as your go-to resource for bouncing ideas, exploring opportunities, and the team that is truly, always in your camp.

If this is what you’ve been searching for, it’s time to get excited about the journey we’re about to embark on.