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We strive to provide delightful experiences.

We understand most of our prospective clients have had ‘less than ideal‘ interactions with designers, marketing teams, developers, and even photographers in the past. We are on a mission to change that. We don’t claim to know everything, but we do guarantee we put our all into every project we are a part of, and have a lot of fun together along the way. Whether that’s photographing a wedding, or branding a product and taking it to market globally, we’re on the journey with you and we want nothing more than our client’s satisfaction.

We believe in always being honest. being fair. doing our best. learning from mistakes. celebrating wins. putting clients first. operating as a team. considering the options.

Frank lloyd wright
"Talent is good. Practice is better.
Passion is best.

Meet Nicole & Austin Barkis

Hello, we are Nicole and Austin Barkis, and we are so glad you’re here! We are the husband and wife team behind this creative agency. While we are the main faces behind this company, we have a team of 6 primary team members that assist us in maintaining all our contracts. The majority of which work telecommute from the LA and SF areas. Thanks to our expansive industry experience, we also partner with a vast team of trusted professionals on

What We Do

To be honest, sometimes we struggle to define exactly what we are, because we do so many things for a lot of different people and industries. Ultimately, we settled on Boutique Creative Agency as we most closely consider ourselves to be a nimble, creative team with a penchant for storytelling across a wide variety of mediums & platforms, and we operate strongly off our core values. boutique creative agency[bo͞oˈtēk krēˈādiv ˈājənsē ] noun a business or establishment that is small and

Our History

If you’ve spent much extended time in Monterey, you might have noticed there aren’t too many young people who live here. This area gets the reputation for “newly wed and nearly dead” as it’s very popular for honeymooners & retirement. Most of the younger demographic here either wants to move away because they’ve grown up here, or they’re here for school, or they are involved in the large local military presence in some way. More often than not, when we

Studio Renovation

Our studio is located at 550 Figueroa St in Monterey. We’ve been here for a little over 2 years now, and have always had big plans for this space. As of 2019, we are also a Certified Green Business! Proudly operating all services 100% off solar energy. This space had previously been a lawyer’s office. While the skinny hallways, low floors, and yellow kitchen cabinets had a vintage vibe to them, they weren’t anywhere near the kind of vintage that

Consultation and Marketing Services | Introduction

We’re here for you. Since launching our family owned and operated creative agency in 2012, we’ve learned what works. Unlike other companies, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we certainly don’t claim to be something we’re not. Our handpicked team of unique millennials has been developed to build the highest level of core confidence for your brand. We’re all a little nerdy, creative, and insanely motivated to make your life easier, and make your business better. We provide a

Wedding Photography Services | Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur & Destination Photographers

Let us be among the first to wish you a big Congratulations! We are so glad you’re here. Even though your mind is probably off & running with all the things that need to be planned, rest assured- we aim to make this aspect of the wedding planning process simple. We believe that you not only deserve beautiful images, but an amazing experience you’ll look back on fondly years from now. We learned early on that when our couples feel

we'd love to work together get a coffee be friends have lunch hang out grab drinks

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