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Studio Renovation

Our studio is located at 550 Figueroa St in Monterey. We’ve been here for a little over 2 years now, and have always had big plans for this space. As of 2019, we are also a Certified Green Business! Proudly operating all services 100% off solar energy. This space had previously been a lawyer’s office. While the skinny hallways, low floors, and yellow kitchen cabinets had a vintage vibe to them, they weren’t anywhere near the kind of vintage that is worth holding on to.


The first thing we did was tear up the old flooring. For a few weeks, we weren’t sure if we wanted to maintain the concrete look, or go with wood flooring. While the floors were out, we also decided to take down all the drop ceiling, and much to our excitement, found another 10-12′ in vaulted ceilings! That resulted in a handful of rigid duct work to be done so we could go with our semi-industrial look. Since the floors were out, we decided to knock down a few walls and kitchen cabinets, too. The place really started to come together. 

The biggest problem of this space was lack of hidden storage. We brought in a local maker duo to custom fabricate a 18′ window seat/bench with 3 giant hidden storage boxes. They’re perfect for computer parts, camera and lighting gear, etc. 

After one of our clients had to put sunglasses on during their meeting, we also decided to add a 30% UV tint to our window, to ensure the light was never obtrusive to the experience in the studio. While bright light is great, lighting is incredibly important in design and is often overlooked initially. 

After considering our flooring options and seeing how the space was coming together, we decided to replace the concrete flooring with high-traffic LifeProof flooring. 

We painted the entire place white, which allowed the giant window light to flow nicely through the entire space, and had our resident artist Chase, paint a gorgeous outdoors-y mural throughout the entire space. There are so many little things we did that I can’t even remember – plumbing changes, electrical changes, walls, windows, lighting, custom slat wall, and so much painting. But ultimately it was so fun to get to see our vision evolve and come to life week after week. We’re so thankful for the professionals that assisted us every step of the way and for our team that stepped up and helped keep this project on track while we were out of the country! 


We’ve gone through a few furniture shifts as we’ve been settling into the space now that it’s complete, outdoorsy and rustic, to now semi-modern and modular. We’re in the process of adjusting what used to be the conference room into a 12×15 photo studio so we can expand our service offerings for commercial projects. 

The updated space: (studio coming soon!)