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"The most dangerous phrase in any language is 'we've always done it this way'

Sand City Brand Identity Designer | Wonderwall Brand Design

Years ago, the first time we set foot in the Wonderwall space, we knew the brand identity needed to have a sort of eclectic elegance to it. The owners had a simple typeface as the logo and hadn’t given much thought to expanding it into a full brand identity.  We took the opportunity to create a sleek, timeless, and unique brand identity that was as versatile as each and every selection in the store is unique. Most brands have a

Napa Valley Wine Label Design | Jump The Moon

Designing a wine label has always been a dream of ours, even before moving to California. We finally got the opportunity to design a label for a few varietals of wine, as well as the cork and the winery brand. We worked with the extremely talented Bergin Print Company to bring our embossed label design ideas to life. The story behind the wine is for a more active lifestyle – a bottle you’d bring along to enjoy atop a mountain

Carmel By The Sea Branding | Coffee Bank Cafe

It’s fair to say we love all the brands we create, however this one was special. Austin and Nicole are from the greater Seattle, Washington area and while they traveled the country in their earlier years together, spent an immense amount of time at various coffee shops. Prior to having a headquarters, coffee shops provided invaluable networking opportunities, somewhat reliable wifi, and inspiration to continue building their businesses. They always dreamed of the day they would get to work with

Napa Valley Winery Design & Branding | Hub & Spoke

When we first took a chance on moving to California back in 2013, we had (what we thought at the time to be) the pipe dream of branding a winery and/or the opportunity to design a wine label. In 2019, we did just that. Hub & Spoke is a newer subsidiary of Prim Family Vineyards. After what was received as an unsuccessful run on 99designs, they came to us seeking a brand that shared the spirit of Johnny Walker, but

NCIA 2019 Expo | Our Biggest Undertaking Yet

We’ve done small trades how displays – backdrops, posters, signage, etc. but never a fully custom built display. When GAIACA decided to go to NCIA 2019, they told us they wanted to make a big splash. The cannabis industry needed to know how important it is to manage their waste output, and they needed our help to convey that message. We initially planned on providing design direction to the trade show display company, but quickly realized their uniqueness and attention

Cannabis Brand Management | GAIACA Trade Show

Have you read our post about the NCIA Trade Show Display Design project? If not, definitely check that out, here. This is the finished product from that undertaking! We designed the entire display, coordinated transport and delivery, and every single element was customized to the level of personalization the GAIACA brand has been developed to display. To say we’re proud of this one is a huge understatement! Throughout the entire show, we (GAIACA) aggregated so many new leads, prospective customers,

we offer

  • Project management

    Everything we do for our clients on a day-to-day focuses on strategy, structure, systems, style & culture. That's the majority of effective project management. We also have extensive experience in managing staff and equipping teams to follow the systems, allowing for optimal performance of your brand/venture. When you give us the green light to run your project with the end goal in mind (success as you've defined it), we'll do whatever it takes to get there.

  • USP Development

    USP is your unique selling proposition. This is what sets you apart from your competition, and the core of what your customers are buying into. Whether it's a unique product, service, or mindset, it needs to be explored, and leveraged effectively in order to sustain your business for years to come. This is one of our favorite services to provide to brands, and we have a variety of methods to draw out your USP then put a plan in place to leverage it, effectively.

  • Organic SEO

    Organic Search Engine Optimization is, in the simplest terms, how people find you on Google organically. Anyone can throw money at a paid Google AdWords campaign, but those are costly, your competition can outspend your campaign, and they don't set you up for long term strategic placement. Organic SEO does.

  • Strategic Marketing

    We begin by analyzing your business, understanding your primary demographic, then finding where they are most effectively targeted. This is generally a combination of print and social campaigns. We can assist in content creation, posting, paid ad management, placement, and more. Quality marketing is far more than just a few posts a week on Instagram, and it should be viewed as the true voice of your business. This service generally goes hand in hand with brand management/design services and SEO.

  • Brand Management

    When you need it all- Project management, ongoing graphic design, website design, seo, USP development, marketing, content creation, etc. We will be your brand stewards and ensure your presence is continually improving.

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