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Portland Wedding Photographer | John & Lauren

I’ll be honest, I’m starting to feel like a broken record as I describe how amazing and kind and loving all our couples are, but it’s the honest truth. And in John & Lauren’s case, I think I mean it a little extra. These two are simply amazing humans. John called us forever ago asking if we’d help create the proposal of his girlfriend’s dreams (more on that in a future post), and they were so happy with that (and the fact that we shared Washington roots) that they brought us all the way up to Portland to photograph their Winery Wedding.

This wedding certainly had its hurdles, despite the amazing planning and preparation Lauren did, sometimes these things just happen. Austin and I are always quick to jump into planner/coordinator/safety-zone maker mode to try and shield the bride and groom from any potential chaos, and help remedy anything that we possibly can. Not only in the name of getting better photos, but mainly to keep our deserving couple happy.

This wedding had high temperatures, a ton of bees, falling florals, and a ton of chaos inner mingled between all the beauty, but it all turned our just fine. For all my potential future brides reading this post, look at these images with the understanding that, with the right team of professionals, and the right mindset and demeanor, even if many things go wrong on your wedding day, you can still end up married to the love of your life with gorgeous photos and memories to show for it!

Most of the difficulties came with the fact that this venue was very new to the wedding event industry, and had a lot of little details to figure out to help a wedding run smoothly- again, not that you can really tell any of this from the photos.

That being said, John & Lauren’s family were some of my very favorites. I swear they’d each give you the shirt off your back if you asked. Did I mention John and Lauren are both in the medical industry? These two have devoted their lives to helping others and I am so honored to know them. For that, I’m so glad we were able to share in their special day! There were so many sweet moments that had us tearing up way more than we expected – from the father officiating the ceremony, to the brother’s acoustic performance dedicated to them, it was almost too much for me to handle.