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Design Inspiration in Washington D.C. | City Bikes, Monuments & Museums

While visiting the East Coast for one of our destination weddings near Austin’s birthday, we decided to spend a few extra days road-tripping across the states and visit D.C. so we could explore some museums and monuments we’ve always wanted to see! I happened to be covered in henna from the gorgeous Indian wedding, which was incredibly unexpected and fun. D.C. is so diverse, we had so many people stopping us to ask about the celebration we had attended and compliment the detail of the henna!

We were lucky enough to find a really great hotel in the middle of D.C. which allowed us to park our rental car and basically leave it be for the 3 days. Luckily, the weather was great for two and a half of the days, so we were able to take advantage of the City Bikes and rode through all of D.C. We logged something like 55 miles in just three days! We knew we wanted to see all the landmarks/monuments in both daytime and night lighting, so we looped all the monuments at least twice, passed the White House two or three times, and rode into the downtown area for dinner each night. I think we had way too much fun all over the city, and especially in the museums…
In the Natural History Museum, we even got to touch a piece of mars and see a piece of the oldest thing in existence. We also saw the hope diamond, and countless other modern marvels. Come to find out, Google’s recommendation of “people usually spend about 2 hours here” was entirely incorrect for us. We had expected to spend about 2 hours at each museum, and explore 3-5 of them over the entire time we were there…but, I think we spent closer to 6 in this one, alone. By the time we were done, we were starving and the rest of the museums were about to close. So we retired to the City Bikes and rode to our next culinary destination. We’ll definitely be back to explore the rest of the museums, soon.