Capturing Brilliance: A Glimpse into the 2023 Concours d’Elegance Best of Show with Brilliant Stars

The sunlit greens of Pebble Beach provided a breathtaking backdrop to the prestigious 2023 Concours d’Elegance, where history, elegance, and automotive artistry converged. Among the array of classic cars, one standout moment was the presentation of the Best of Show award to a rare prewar 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster. While the gleaming vehicle stole the spotlight, another gem shone brightly behind the scenes – the stunning one of a kind trophy created by Brilliant Stars.

A Glint of Brilliance

As the official media team for Brilliant Stars, we had the privilege of capturing the awe-inspiring moment when the Best of Show trophy was handed over to Jim Patterson of the Patterson Collection. The award itself was a masterpiece – a solid 24k gold car model adorned with clear diamonds, perched elegantly on a historic wood base from India. This exquisite creation not only celebrated the event’s victor but also symbolized the impeccable craftsmanship that resonates with Brilliant Stars.

Crafting Moments of Brilliance

The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance not only celebrated automotive elegance but also represented the synergy of tradition and innovation. As the world marveled at the award-winning car, Brilliant Stars unveiled its own masterpiece in the making. Over the next few months, Rodney and his team will recreate the winning car in solid gold and diamonds. This breathtaking model will boast over 20 moving parts, including rolling wheels, movable shifter, actionable doors, and even a steering wheel – an exquisite testament to their artistry.

A Heritage of Brilliance

In a world where the term “heritage” is often overused, Brilliant Stars truly embodies the essence of this word. The journey from Moses Rahmani’s humble beginnings to Rodney’s pursuit of perfection reflects the layers of experience and dedication that define their legacy. A journey that started with gems now embraces the creation of stunning jewelry, carrying the stories of mines, communities, and craftsmanship.

Adorning Elegance: Brilliant Stars at the Heart of the Ceremony

In a captivating moment, the esteemed Master of Ceremonies, Amanda Stretton, radiated elegance as she donned Brilliant Stars’ exquisite jewels during the ceremony. An icon in the automotive industry, Amanda’s presence was graced by Brilliant Stars’ remarkable pieces, including a 5.54-carat Sapphire & Diamond Ring (Item # BK-R337DFS), an 8.57-carat Fancy Sapphire & Diamond Pendant (Item # BK-P034DS) with a dreamy floral design, and a pair of 5.42-carat Diamond Hoop Earrings (Item # E1062D). These enchanting jewels added a touch of brilliance, perfectly complementing Amanda’s charm as she contributed her expertise to the world-renowned Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance event.


Capturing the brilliance of Brilliant Stars’ involvement in the 2023 Concours d’Elegance was an honor that allowed us to witness the fusion of automotive art and fine jewelry craftsmanship. From the presentation of the Best of Show award to the intricate gold and diamond model in the making, the journey of Brilliant Stars echoes the history, passion, and pursuit of perfection that Concours d’Elegance epitomizes. As we reflect on our time with Brilliant Stars, we’re reminded that true heritage isn’t just a term – it’s a legacy, an ongoing story that weaves through time, shining brightly with every gemstone and masterpiece created.

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That’s not all – our array of creative services extends even further. From strategy consultation to a variety of specialized solutions, we’re committed to crafting experiences that resonate.

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Prevail Athletics Brand Identity: The Jamie Mitchell Journey

In the incredible journey of Jamie Mitchell, we witness the profound impact of resilience, determination, and a brand that ignited her path to greatness.

A Life Defined by Perseverance

Jamie’s story began amidst adversity. From the moment she entered the world, she faced challenges that would have deterred many. Abandoned due to her mother’s addiction at just ten days old, Jamie’s early days were far from ordinary. But it was her unyielding spirit that would define her future.

A Journey Unveiled

As she grew, Jamie’s resilience was tested. From overcoming struggles in foster care to reporting injustice, her journey was one of courage and unwavering determination. This same determination would propel her to unforeseen heights.

Crafting Confidence: ‘Prevail Athletics’

Long before Jamie’s championship wins, there was ‘Prevail Athletics.‘ A brand designed in collaboration with Barkis & Co., it became her emblem of empowerment. The logo, skillfully intertwining an infinity symbol with the initials ‘P’ and ‘A,’ represented the limitless potential within her. It was a source of added confidence, a belief in her ability to conquer challenges.

An Ascension Fueled by Belief

As Jamie stepped into the ring, the ‘Prevail Athletics’ brand served as a silent companion, a testament to her journey. With unwavering determination, she claimed the WBA Women’s Bantamweight World Champion title in 2022. This victory wasn’t just about boxing; it was a manifestation of her indomitable spirit.

A Legacy Shaped

Designed by Barkis & Co., ‘Prevail Athletics’ wasn’t just a brand – it was a philosophy that resonated with Jamie’s journey. It’s a story of not only surviving but thriving against all odds. Today, as she continues her journey under the mentorship of Roy Jones Jr., her legacy is a testament to what one can achieve when empowered by self-belief.

Join the Triumph

Jamie Mitchell’s journey is a story of empowerment, belief, and triumph. Barkis & Co. is honored to have played a part in shaping this narrative. Witness the power of ‘Prevail Athletics,’ a brand that became Jamie’s symbol of courage and the driving force behind her ascent to greatness.

Join Jamie’s Journey with Prevail Athletics

Jamie Mitchell’s journey, marked by resilience and triumph, serves as an inspiration to all who encounter it. As we reflect on her incredible story and the role of ‘Prevail Athletics’ in her ascent, we invite you to be a part of her ongoing journey. Show your support by following Jamie on her social media channels, where you’ll get a closer look at her training, victories, and the spirit that defines her. Additionally, explore the range of merchandise available on her website, Prevail Athletics, where each purchase is a vote of confidence in her remarkable journey. Together, let’s celebrate the power of determination and the legacy of ‘Prevail Athletics’ as embodied by Jamie Mitchell.

Discover more and join the journey at Prevail Athletics Website.

The Journey of bluebot: 4 Years of Innovation, Passion, and Transformation

Embarking on a journey filled with innovation, dedication, and a shared passion for sustainable water management, Austin and Nicole have spent the last four years nurturing the evolution of bluebot. From the initial spark of an idea to the launch of the revolutionary water monitoring solution, their commitment to creating a product that redefines the way we manage water resources has been unwavering.

The Genesis: A Special Encounter in 2019 Four years ago, the story of bluebot began when its founders walked through the doors of our Monterey agency office. Armed with a product that exuded uniqueness and innovation, it was clear that this endeavor was special. At its final stages of research and development, bluebot was on the cusp of becoming a reality, ready to redefine the way we approach water management.

Crafting a Vision: From Idea to Strategy The journey began by selecting a name that encapsulated the essence of the product—bluebot, a fusion of water and IoT, symbolizing its role as a pioneering solution in water monitoring. Alongside naming, the founders navigated the intricate world of domain brokering, ensuring that the product’s online presence aligned with its innovative nature.

From there, the vision expanded into the digital realm. The bluebot app and website were conceived and designed, transforming concepts into tangible interfaces that would connect users with their water usage data. Content creation brought the project to life, educating the world about bluebot’s potential to bring about positive change in water resource management.

Taking the Plunge: Pre-Release and Scaling With preparation complete, bluebot’s journey reached a pivotal moment—the pre-release on Indiegogo. This marked the beginning of the project’s journey to market, where we shared the vision with the world and garnered support from a community that believed in the mission.

As bluebot’s impact grew, we shifted gears to focus on operational excellence. Scaling the team, optimizing project and product management, and fine-tuning every facet of the venture became the order of the day. This period of refinement laid the groundwork for bluebot’s upcoming journey into the hands of users across the globe.

A Leap into the Future: Today, as bluebot stands ready to redefine water management, it is a testament to the extensive efforts that went into getting to this point. The journey from that initial encounter in 2019 to present day is a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration, and the pursuit of a sustainable future.

Conclusion: The past four years have been a testament to the dedication, passion, and innovation that Austin and Nicole have poured into bluebot. From the early stages of conception to the imminent launch, their journey has been one of transforming a vision into a reality that holds the potential to revolutionize water management. With bluebot, the commitment to making a positive impact on our environment and society shines brightly, marking the beginning of a new era in water resource management.


🚀 Reignite Your Brand with Our Tech-Powered Expertise! 🚀

Dear Valued Community,

We’re thrilled to announce our triumphant return to the vibrant landscape of design and marketing. 🎉 After an incredible journey fueled by innovation and learning, we’re back at full agency capacity and more eager than ever to serve the local businesses of the Monterey Peninsula.

Over the past four years, we embarked on a remarkable adventure within the tech startup world with bluebot, a chapter that added valuable layers to our collective expertise. 🌐 Our agency hiatus allowed us to infuse our creative flair with the cutting-edge energy of the tech realm. And now, we’re geared up to channel this newfound vigor into the niche businesses that make Monterey Peninsula (and beyond!) thrive.

Our history is a tapestry woven with a decade of design excellence and marketing prowess. 💼 From captivating graphic designs to captivating photography (yes, we’re still in the game!), we’ve evolved while remaining true to our roots. While weddings used to be our focal point, our focus now lies in capturing the essence of commercial ventures through our lens.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We’re back to offer our core services that have stood the test of time and tech trends:

Graphic Design and Branding: Crafting identities that resonate with your audience and set you apart in the competitive landscape.

Package Design: Elevating your product presentation with designs that captivate and convince.

SEO and PPC Marketing: Leveraging digital strategies to skyrocket your online visibility and engagement.

Content Strategy: Weaving your unique story into compelling narratives that connect with your clientele.

Website Design and Development: Crafting virtual spaces that tell your story, captivate your audience, and drive conversions.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll witness a transformation on our website. We’ll be unveiling a treasure trove of new content that we’ve been meticulously crafting over the past 4+ years. Moreover, we’re excited to share some hidden gems from our archives that never quite found their way onto our website.

Our journey has only deepened our commitment to you, our incredible community. We’re excited to collaborate, innovate, and create with the local businesses that embody the spirit of the Monterey Peninsula.

Let’s reignite your brand together! If you’re ready to infuse your online presence with the vitality of tech-driven marketing, get in touch. Our creativity knows no bounds, and we can’t wait to embark on this exciting new phase with you.

Warm regards,

Nicole & Austin Barkis

Sand City Brand Identity Designer | Wonderwall Brand Design

Years ago, the first time we set foot in the Wonderwall space, we knew the brand identity needed to have a sort of eclectic elegance to it. The owners had a simple typeface as the logo and hadn’t given much thought to expanding it into a full brand identity. 

We took the opportunity to create a sleek, timeless, and unique brand identity that was as versatile as each and every selection in the store is unique. Most brands have a few logo variations, but the Wonderwall brand was designed with multiple that could all exist as the primary logo depending on application, and still maintain most, if not all of the brand presence. 

Chase, our incredibly talented artist and designer was responsible for the amazing murals on the exterior of the building. For anyone in need of a stunning hand painted mural, he’s your guy.

Napa Valley Wine Label Design | Jump The Moon

Designing a wine label has always been a dream of ours, even before moving to California. We finally got the opportunity to design a label for a few varietals of wine, as well as the cork and the winery brand. We worked with the extremely talented Bergin Print Company to bring our embossed label design ideas to life. The story behind the wine is for a more active lifestyle – a bottle you’d bring along to enjoy atop a mountain at the end of a hike or bike ride, perhaps. The label features a front to back moon phase design with a vibrant and textured pattern, intended to be a more fun and off the cusp wine label for those who don’t take themselves too seriously when enjoying a glass of Pinot.
In the process, we were involved in the choosing and design of the corks, as well. We learned so much about corks and how certain varietals of wine benefit from certain types of cork, while others don’t even need a cork to maintain their flavor profile. Some may not know this, but the length of the cork is a sort of status symbol to the wine and winery. The length of the cork effects how much the wine breaths and selecting the proper cork is an important process in allowing the wine to breath the proper amount. We worked closely with the vintner and the cork company to select and design the perfect cork for JTM.
This wine is actually a more limited production. We’ve gone through two cases, so far (presented many as gifts, and have a few hidden away to enjoy years from now, of course!). Throughout this project, we learned more than we could have expected about the immense amount of love and care that goes into wine making, and are eager to begin our next wine label design project! This wine label was designed for Hub & Spoke Winery, which we also had the distinct pleasure of branding. Do you need wine label or product packaging designed? We would love to hear more about your project and how we may be of assistance.

Design Inspiration in Washington D.C. | City Bikes, Monuments & Museums

While visiting the East Coast for one of our destination weddings near Austin’s birthday, we decided to spend a few extra days road-tripping across the states and visit D.C. so we could explore some museums and monuments we’ve always wanted to see! I happened to be covered in henna from the gorgeous Indian wedding, which was incredibly unexpected and fun. D.C. is so diverse, we had so many people stopping us to ask about the celebration we had attended and compliment the detail of the henna!

We were lucky enough to find a really great hotel in the middle of D.C. which allowed us to park our rental car and basically leave it be for the 3 days. Luckily, the weather was great for two and a half of the days, so we were able to take advantage of the City Bikes and rode through all of D.C. We logged something like 55 miles in just three days! We knew we wanted to see all the landmarks/monuments in both daytime and night lighting, so we looped all the monuments at least twice, passed the White House two or three times, and rode into the downtown area for dinner each night. I think we had way too much fun all over the city, and especially in the museums…
In the Natural History Museum, we even got to touch a piece of mars and see a piece of the oldest thing in existence. We also saw the hope diamond, and countless other modern marvels. Come to find out, Google’s recommendation of “people usually spend about 2 hours here” was entirely incorrect for us. We had expected to spend about 2 hours at each museum, and explore 3-5 of them over the entire time we were there…but, I think we spent closer to 6 in this one, alone. By the time we were done, we were starving and the rest of the museums were about to close. So we retired to the City Bikes and rode to our next culinary destination. We’ll definitely be back to explore the rest of the museums, soon.

Design Inspiration in New York City | The Big Apple

We’ve been given a handful of opportunities over the years to travel to amazing places all over the world, but what we realized was how important traveling to unique destinations really is to the success of our business. I think it’s really easy as an entrepreneur to get caught up in the fast-paced “hustle” for a while when you’re starting out, and it’s even easier to forget to take a step back every so often and give yourself a much needed break. After a few big trips, we began to realize travel not only helps us recharge/refill our creative spirits, but it also gives us an entirely new perspective on the world which we are able to pour into every one of our projects. I think in certain major cities, this could be slightly less important, but living in Monterey makes this pretty crucial to the ongoing development of our business and our services. Monterey is such a sleepy little town most of the year, and there aren’t many innovators pushing the limit within this city – most go a little north to Silicon Valley, understandably.
We lived in LA for a few years, and we are from Seattle, so we thought we knew “big cities”, but nothing prepared us for the magic of New York. We were in New Jersey for our first Indian Wedding Ceremony (we actually spent four days shooting the ceremony, and traveled to the east coast twice for their celebration – More on that in this post HERE) and decided to extend our trip. We arrived a few days before Austin’s birthday so we knew we wanted to take a road trip from Jersey to D.C. so we could explore the museums. Then, we road tripped back up the East Coast, dropped off our rental car in Jersey, and took the train into the city. We arrived at Penn Station in the pouring rain, and were immediately thrown into the bustling city life. After seeing that an Uber cost $50 to go less than a mile, and being a little too intimidated by the subway situations on day one, we decided to walk the mile to our hotel. Loaded down with all our gear and daypacks, we walked a mile in the rain. We ended up working for a bit in our tiny studio hotel room, and decided to venture out for some food. Our first exciting realization was how big the vegan food scene here was. The following three days were sunny, and we decided to walk or bike nearly everywhere. We road the train a few times but preferred being above ground to take everything in.
New York is absolutely beautiful, in that unique ‘Big City’ way – We were constantly enamored by the street art, fashion, and culture around every corner. We got extremely comfortable with the City Bikes in D.C., and much to our delight, they were in NYC, too. We rented them periodically throughout the days, my favorite of which being the day we decided to bike all of Central Park. In NYC we logged over 50 miles of biking, and around 20 of walking! I think the vast majority of the biking was from our Central Park ride – we didn’t consider how massive the park actually is. Being a larger city on the cutting edge of innovation and design, the advertising was simply amazing to absorb. We took photos of billboards, unique ads all over the streets, ads that didn’t even look like ads. Not to mention the sensory overload that is Times Square. One of our favorite things to compile from each location we travel to are unique design and art references – We save them to look back on and draw inspiration from. New York had so many that there came a point we decided there was no way we could absorb it all, and that we’d plan another trip in the near future. We said our goodbyes and hopped on the train to JFK to head back home, full of memories and inspiration.

Carmel By The Sea Branding | Coffee Bank Cafe

It’s fair to say we love all the brands we create, however this one was special. Austin and Nicole are from the greater Seattle, Washington area and while they traveled the country in their earlier years together, spent an immense amount of time at various coffee shops. Prior to having a headquarters, coffee shops provided invaluable networking opportunities, somewhat reliable wifi, and inspiration to continue building their businesses. They always dreamed of the day they would get to work with a new coffee shop, an opportunity that (especially for a small town like Monterey) doesn’t come up very often.

When our clients approached us with their idea, they simply gave us their hopes and dreams, and entrusted our enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge about this particular industry to do the rest. This brand, along with everything else we’ve done and will continue to provide to this amazing company, became a true passion project for our agency.


The technical elements of the brand are actually quite simple. We needed a versatile and strong identity. The intention is to create such an icon in this area, the brand will be timeless and never require changing, only small updates to the associated elements. We knew the production cost for all the branded materials were going to be substantial, so to save on costs where we could (so they could be added back into the overall construction of the coffee shop itself!) so to keep the production easier and more cost effective, we opted to bring in the iconic brown kraft paper color (and texture) as it is a print standard and will save them thousands over the years, but will maintain efficiency by having a basic item be almost immediately on brand-message. The little elements like this are what we strive to bring into every identity we create, ensuring your business is armed with a thoroughly thought out, long term identity.


The goal of this brand was to be universally approachable. We removed the “the” from the name as it’s far stronger without it. We further minimized the print costs and color-matching hassles by creating outline icons in a monochrome colorscheme as the only related elements (aside from photography as far as marketing/digital production is concerned).
The Coffee Bank, which is set to open this summer in Carmel, has an amazing story. One that you’ll have to wait to hear about once their website launches and their marketing begins. However, their mission, their story, and their location all lead to the inception of this brand identity. The Monterey Peninsula has needed a cafe that serves delicious coffee, fresh food, and offers a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. It simply doesn’t exist here, especially for a younger demographic.
We have been so thrilled, and honored to get to work with them on nearly every last detail of their brand, their website, their marketing materials, the overarching business model, creative consultation, working with the architects, and especially helping finalize their menu offerings. We are so beyond thrilled for their launch this summer and are so excited to showcase the years of planning and design, upon launch. Stay tuned for more on Coffee Bank, this is one you won’t want to miss.

Napa Valley Winery Design & Branding | Hub & Spoke

When we first took a chance on moving to California back in 2013, we had (what we thought at the time to be) the pipe dream of branding a winery and/or the opportunity to design a wine label. In 2019, we did just that. Hub & Spoke is a newer subsidiary of Prim Family Vineyards. After what was received as an unsuccessful run on 99designs, they came to us seeking a brand that shared the spirit of Johnny Walker, but with wine. We knew we wanted to incorporate a wheel into the design to play on the name of the winery, but we weren’t entirely sure of the integration until we began digging deeper into the history of wine making in the Napa Valley area. Back in the 1800’s, wine was transported across Napa Valley in wagons, which suited the time period from the initial brand brief perfectly. The final concept we landed on and finished developing was the old timey man leaning on a wagon wheel. We imagined this man arriving with a delivery of local wine from the region, which was perfect for the brand mission.


It was pretty cool to go into a local store, buy a bottle of wine we designed, then uncork the bottle with our logo on it. To see a more in depth view of the Jump The Moon wine label design, read this post here.

Much like any design project, this final brand iteration went through a handful of concepts. To see what was left on the cutting room floor for H&S Winery, check back soon for an upcoming post!